August 23, 2012


I usually don't post much nudity but I have a shit ton in all my sketch books so be expecting more.I did the Malcolm X drawing sometime back in '06, was saving it for my next "art of" book that I'd like to do at some point.As most can tell by now the 2nd issue [children of the black circus] is not out, do to lack of proper equipment and funds(money).Intended to post a few pages from the book but an unfortunate event of my flash drive being stolen has postponed that.For those that don't know pages 2-6 of the first issue are available to read over here:
My computer has been fuckin' up a lot lately so this mite be my last post for quite some time.
Even tho I don't post very frequently, I feel the need to put that disclaimer on here.
Hopefully it won't be that long.
Til next time...