December 3, 2015

A panel

Can’t reveal what it is yet. A panel from Chapter 4, without the prepress production work done to it.

October 6, 2015

CAKE 2015 -- Chicago, IL

When I went to CAKE(Chicago Alternative Comics Expo), I made some photocopies of some circus pages, that were in sequential order(stapled them together), and gave them out to people. I was not tabling, so I tryed doing it as discreetly, and respectable as possible. Photos were taken at a Kinkos in Downtown Chicago.

July 14, 2015

Doodle Dash Retrospective Chicago, IL 2015


A doodle I did was in this exhibition. July 10th, in Chicago, IL(I live in Chicago now). Thought it was the 17th. Really wish I could have been there.

Here is/was the Facebook event page:

June 22, 2015


This page is for the Children of the Black Circus graphic novel.

I'm almost finished with the pre press production/photoshop work for this page. Mite post the final print version later sometime in the future(the final version will still be black and white).

I do not have a publisher for this. And will be making efforts to to find one, once it is much closer to being finished. Currently the page count is at 85. The final page count will most likely be a lil more than that.

--------Children of the Black Circus graphic novel synopsis:--------

A traveling circus makes It's scheduled stop In the small town of Shaville, Kentucky--after It leaves, a rash of missing people and dead bodies begin turning up throughout the town. With no leads, and more bodies being discovered, New York City detective John Richards is called in, to help local officials find who's behind the murders. But When 4 teenagers, Marvin, Dez, Louis, and Kit, are attacked by one of "the children", and must hide the body after killing it. They leave a trail of blood behind, that sends Richards, and Shaville detective Derek Rielon, on a journey that will lead them to discover what the Black Circus really is.

So, I don't post often/most likely won't be, because I'm working on getting this book done, while at the same time maintaining my personal life & day job situation.

 Until next time.


April 15, 2015


Pencils almost done for this Children of the Black Circus chapter 4 page. In the process of moving to a different city. I know it's been awhile since I've posted on here(sorry), I have more posts over on my Tumblr:

And yeah, those are my erasing marks, fuckin' up 'til I get it right.