November 26, 2011



October 24, 2011


Here are some more drawings n' sketches from my now former job that didn't care if i drew while on the phone with customers. Will post more but some I'm saving for my next art of book or zine I plan on doing sometime in the future.

this sketch originated from ideas I was messin' with for a painting (above)
at the same job they provided crayons
and pages out of coloring books and from websites for use 
to color if we wanted to. So I took it upon myself to 
get some inking done and did these 3 pages

September 30, 2011

Don't Judge (2011)
acrylic, ink and watercolor on canvas

September 23, 2011

Light rail cityscape
September 2011--Seattle, WA

September 11, 2011

Ballpoint pen and crayons on paper

Ballpoint pen and crayons on papaer.
I have been working on some large scale paintings that I’m almost done with that will of course make It’s way on here…in the coming weeks.

September 4, 2011

Some drawings and paintings

D-Town, Detroit
No crayons in this one, I drew this one while on the job as well.

More work with the crayons.

At my beloved job (sarcasm) they don’t mind me drawing at my desk, so I tried my hand at using some crayons that were laying around. I completed a few drawings…I’ve thought about actually buying a pack and incorporating more of them into my stuff. It’s the closest thing I’ve got to actually painting while on the job.

More from the Mini-Moleskine: Diner 2 and another passenger.

My Backyard


From my Moleskine mini-sketchbook. Watercolor. Ballpoint pen. Micron pen.

“Bruises” ballpoint pen on standard size paper. June 2011.

Children of the Black Circus, my self-published comic book that started off as a 5page mini-comic. During the time I created it I was in college full-time and working part-time. During It’s creation I experienced first hand why some artist, writers, and musicians choose to DIY (do it yourself) for curtain projects. It truly is a world of freedom open to endless amounts of experimentation and expression one mite not otherwise be able to dabble into. This is the cover, will post one or two pages of the interior pages sometime down the road.

Spider-Man, I did this painting in March of this year (2011).
Spider-man belongs to Marvel Comics.
Very special thanks to Stefano Gaudiano, who heavily inspired this painting.